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There are times when one parent may decide that they do not wish to be involved in the child’s life anymore. The other parent may get married and that new husband or wife may decide to make the decision to adopt a child or children. Unfortunately, some children see the stepparent as more of a parental figure than their biological parent. Call attorney Jennifer Williams today to help explain the legal process and your rights under the law in order to adopt your stepchild or children.

Stepparent adoptions are accomplished in one of two ways. One, in certain cases the biological parent will agree to sign a surrender of rights thus allowing the adoption to go through quickly and seamlessly. Second, some parents cannot be found or refuse to sign a surrender even though they have not been involved in the child’s life. In such cases without a surrender, a contested adoption may need to be held before one of our judges. The biological parent may pose an objection; however, the objection may not stop the adoption from going through legally.

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