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Child Custody: Where Will The Children Live?

In every Georgia child custody case, the best interests of the children are always the primary concern. Both parents have the right to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children, however, and any custody agreement should take those rights into consideration. It is important to have an experienced Valdosta child custody attorney with the ability to ensure that your rights are protected.

Child custody cases can be extremely emotional and have the potential to become quite contentious. At the office of Jennifer E. Williams, LLC, we represent mothers and fathers in a variety of complex child custody matters. We understand how upsetting it can be to feel as though you are in a fight for a relationship with your children. We stay focused on your rights and do everything we can to reach a positive resolution in your case.

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While Georgia courts prefer joint custody where both parents share all parenting responsibilities, it is not always practical or necessarily in the best interests of the child. Our law firm has experience with the negotiation and preparation of parenting plans that both parents can support. We develop comprehensive plans that address where the child will live, visitation schedules, who has decision-making authority for the child and other issues.

We also handle a variety of issues involving parental rights for unwed fathers. Many unwed fathers do not understand that paternity only proves parentage and makes it possible for the mother to seek child support. You must go through the legitimation process in order to have any custody rights. We can help you through the process and work to ensure that you have the access to your child that you deserve.

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