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Workers’ Compensation FAQ

Workers’ compensation laws can be complex and especially confusing right after suffering an injury. From our location in Valdosta, the law office of Jennifer E. Williams, LLC, provides high-quality work injury counsel throughout southern Georgia. Read below for common questions injured workers have on workers’ comp:

Do I Need A Lawyer After Suffering An Injury At Work?

Legal response to an injury at work is always time-sensitive. Pursuing legal counsel as soon as you are able will protect you in the long run. Once you have sought medical attention for your injury, consulting with a lawyer should be your next step.

What Is An Independent Medical Examination (IME)?

Your employer’s insurer will likely want to evaluate the extent of the injuries after an accident, even if you have already been examined by your preferred physician. To guard against a biased opinion that could favor either party, an IME is conducted by a third-party medical professional to examine and verify the injuries.

What Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Cover?

Workers’ compensation covers an array of losses related to your injury. Benefits may cover lost and future lost wages, medical bills, treatments such as physical therapy and other necessary losses.

What If I Was Not At My Place Of Work When I Suffered An On-The-Job Injury?

If you were on the clock but not at your place of work when your injury occurred, you may still be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, if you were not performing work duties, or if you were engaged in extreme misconduct while at work, it is unlikely you will receive workers’ comp benefits. If you are still unsure, contact us for help evaluating your claim.

Can I Sue My Employer After A Work-Related Injury?

Due to workers’ compensation laws, it can be difficult to sue your employer directly for a work-related injury. That does not mean, however, that you cannot pursue compensation.

Pursue The Benefits You Deserve

Still have questions? Facing the aftermath of a workplace injury? Attorney Williams can help you pursue the benefits you deserve. We offer free consultations. Call 229-232-8570 or send an email for legal assistance.

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